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Google Display Network

Google Display Network

A world wide web of possibilities

Google Display Network has a range of ad formats and a whole wealth of sites to run your ads on, helping you to effectively reach your audience. JamSearch ensures that your campaign money is spent on highly targeted campaigns to drive quality traffic to your site. We will assist you in fully utilising this platform to increase awareness of your brand and get your message across.

What is Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is the largest contextual advertising network allowing you to promote your ads on a whole range of websites. It also gives access to niche markets based on data such as interests, previous search history, browsing, keywords, page content and demographics.

Targeting can take the form of audience targeting (on any chosen website) or contextual (particular content of a site) or a combo of both to truly reach your consumers.

What are the advantages for my business?

  • High visibility
  • Target niche markets
  • Measurable tracking

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