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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Build your brand and create a buzz

Social Media is a highly effective way to build and create your brand via profile and demographic targeting. Effective communication is essential to achieve results and JamSearch will assist your marketing team to integrate your online activity with your wider marketing schedules and goals.

Take advantage of this opportunity to personify your brand digitally and to relate to your consumers directly. Whether you are looking to increase your Social Media presence or drive sales, JamSearch will help you utilise this new media.

How can social media advertising help our business reach our target audience?


Facebook allows advanced targeting due to the user information it collects; this extends to demographic, geographic, user hobbies, and interests. JamSearch helps you create effective and engaging targeted advertising content to get your fanbase talking and make new potential customers.

LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B advertising tool. It offers the opportunity to target those in a particular industry, group or a specific job title. JamSearch helps you utilise LinkedIn’s advertising capabilities for unparalleled Conversion Rates.

Twitter offers the opportunity to target based on location, interests, similar users to your followers and tweet keyword targeting. JamSearch will help you utilise the Twittersphere to drive content to your site and maximise reach to potential customers through your tweets.

What are the advantages for my business?

Website traffic: By creating engaging content to increase CTR and direct traffic to your site.

Brand recognition and repeat exposure: increases brand visibility and awareness strengthening your market presence.
Community and Brand Loyalty:
The medium is interactive and allows participation in development and creation of content by users, and by updating and keeping content relevant and fresh you will gain the edge over your competitors – and possibly even create a viral sensation!

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